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The Rail Freight Wagonlift Solution

Rolling Stock Lifting - RF Wagonlift

Looking for optimum flexibility and maximum productivity? With Stertil-Koni’s RF WAGONLIFT (Rail Freight) the wagon and bogies can be lifted simultaneously, leaving the wheels on the track. There is no need any more to roll away the bogies to a different area of the workshop. The RF WAGONLIFT available capacities 8.5t to 17.5t per individual column lift. 

RF wagonlift brochure
  • Safe, versatile and cost effective solution for the rolling stock market
  • Versatility with the unique bogie supporting anvil
  • Independent Mechanical Locking System
  • Improved Accessibility
  • Increased productivity and cost efficiency


ModelRF Wagonlift
Lifting systemHydraulic
Lifting capacity 8.5t up to 17.5t
AdaptorsCustom Made
Lifting systemHydraulicLifting capacity 8.5t up to 17.5tAdaptorsCustom Made

Safety First and Foremost

Safety first and foremost. Providing a safe working environment is paramount for preventing industrial injuries:

  • Wireless, no tripping hazard
  • Easy to manoeuvre and position
  • Overload safety device
  • Independent mechanical locking system
Safely Maintain Your Wagons

Increased Productivity and Cost Efficiency

  • Hydraulic safety systems
  • Lift can be lowered onto locks
  • No slings
  • No axle stands
  • No overhead cranes
  • No unnecessary moving of wheels, bogies or other heavy components


RF Wagonlift 20 Minute Wheel Change

Step 1. Prepare

Step 1.  Undo the keep bolts holding the wheels in the bogies

Step 2. Position

Step 2. Position column lifts under wagon and through bogie frame openings 

Step 3. Lift

Step 3. Lift wagon and bogies. Wheels remain behind on track

Step 4. Replace

Step 4. Roll wheels out & line up replacement wheels 

Step 5. Lower

Step 5. Lower wagon onto new wheels

Step 6. Finish

Step 6. Remove column lifts and adjust keep bolts 

  • Step 1. Prepare
  • Step 2. Position
  • Step 3. Lift
  • Step 4. Replace
  • Step 5. Lower
  • Step 6. Finish

Increase productivity

Wheel changes are an important maintenance operation in a wagon workshop. How many wheels do you change annually and what is your total cost? With the RF WAGONLIFT

  • Substantial reduction in labour hours
  • Increased number of wheel changes per day
  • Programmable lifting heights
  • Selectable lowering speeds
  • Flexibility – length and position
  • Simple controls
  • Allows standard operation from any column

ONE Universal Solution

The RF WAGONLIFT is the only lift in the rolling stock market whereby the wagon and bogies can be lifted in one go with one single adaptor

  • 1 solution for all types of wagons: open, covered, flat and tank Rail Freight wagons
  • 1 solution for all variety of gauges: standard, wide and narrow gauges
  • 1 solution for Maintenance (wheel set changes and general repair)
  • 1 solution for Inspections (e.g. axle corrosion and mechanical damage check)
  • 1 solution for Manufacturing

Interchangeable Anvils

The beauty of the RF WAGONLIFT is that it is the only lift for the rolling stock lifting market which can be supplied according to your specification due to the unique flexibility of design of the fully custom made interchangeable anvils.



The RF WAGONLIFT can be adapted with many options to increase the safety and usability of the lifting system.

  • Load weight indicators
  • Power lock-out system
  • Audible & visual movement alarm system
  • LED lighting
  • Active Energy Retrievel System 

Proven Reliability and Efficiency

Maintenance jobs using the RF Wagonlift are very effective.

  • Safer
  • Quicker
  • Efficient  
Rail Freight wagon lift

Safe, Versatile and Cost Effective

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