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Unique Crossbeam-Free Design

4-Post Platform lifts 17.5t and 25t

For all those ultra heavy duty jobs. The Stertil-Koni Ultra 4-Post platform lifts, with their unique crossbeam-free construction, allow for maximum height lifting. The minimal amount of moving parts mean these four-post lifts require less service and repair maintenance than most conventional platform lifts. These are truly economical heavy weight lifters.

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  • For all heavy-duty vehicles
  • Ultimate safety with independent locking
  • No crossbeams
  • Low drive on height
  • Optimum accessibility
  • Provision for Jacking Beams and Lights
  • Extra-long run-ups for low-floor vehicles

Operational Features


ModelST 4175ST 4250
Lifting systemHydraulicHydraulic
Lifting capacity 17,500 kg25,000 kg
Lifting height1,900 mm1,900 mm
Lifting time 72 seconds72 sec
Drive-on height230 mm285 mm
Platform lengths6/8/9/10/11.5 metres6/8/9/10/11.5 metres
Lifting systemHydraulicLifting capacity 17,500 kgLifting height1,900 mmLifting time 72 secondsDrive-on height230 mmPlatform lengths6/8/9/10/11.5 metres
Lifting systemHydraulicLifting capacity 25,000 kgLifting height1,900 mmLifting time 72 secDrive-on height285 mmPlatform lengths6/8/9/10/11.5 metres

Extended Tandem Configurations

For long vehicles the Stertil-Koni 4 Post lift can be extended in tandem configuration, ideal for articulated buses and other long vehicles up to 11.5 metres.

The design of the Stertil-Koni 4 Post lift means that  jacking beams can also be mounted to the lift allowing for more space on the workshop floor for example with wheel changes.

Four Post Lift

Safety: Independent Locking System

Mechanical Locking: The highly safe Stertil-Kon patented gravity mechanical locking system works entirely independently of the lifting system
and is permanently enabled. 

Hydraulic: Each lifting cylinder is fitted with an oil flow control valve that is active throughout the lifting process. The specially integrated pressure-relief valve prevents overloading on each lifting unit.

ST 4175

This lift has a lifting capacity of 17,500kg. Available in platform lengths from 6 up to 11.5m. 

Often used to accommodate low clearance vehicles. 

ST 4250

This lift has a capacity of 25,000kg. Available platform lengths from 6 up to 11.5m. Tandem configurations are possible. 


  • ST 4175
  • ST 4250

Automatic LED lighting

The programmable features of the lift makes it possible to automatically switch on and off the optional LED lighting. Also a lower maximum height can be set.


The crossbeam-free design

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