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Total Mobility: Lifting Diverse Military Vehicles

Military wheel-free lifting solution

Military Vehicle Lifting in Extreme Circumstances

Military Vehicle Lifting Solutions

Mobile column lifts

Stertil-Koni vehicle lifts are engineered to meet Military applications across the globe.  Our world-class hydraulic lifting solutions deliver maximum flexibility, productivity and safety.  

Mobile Column Lifts

Earthlift Mobile Column Lift
  • Suitable for use in and outdoors
  • Wireless option provides added convenience and utility – with no risk of tripping
  • Combined in sets of two, four, six or more, the lifting capacity dramatically multiplies
  • Heavy duty armoured truck lifting configurations up to 32 linked columns 7.5t-11.5t per column Get more information Mobile Lifts

4-Post Platform Lifts

4-Post Platform Workshop Lift

Platform SKYLIFT

Skylift Workshop Platform Lift
  • Ultimate access to the lifted truck
  • Platform length from 7m-14.5m per lift.
  • Tandem configurations possible if you require more length
  • Various installation methods: flush, semi-flush & surface mounted
  • Heavy armoured vehicles capacities 70t get more information Platform SKYLIFT


Heavy Duty 2-Post Workshop Lift