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Mobile Column Lifts

Platform SKYLIFT

4-Post Platform Lifts

In-Ground Piston DIAMONDLIFT

Bus & Coach Lifting Solutions for Maintenance & Service

 Four post lift

Looking for a lifting solution for the maintenance or service of your bus fleet? Stertil-Koni has a complete range of products suitable for any bus fleet company and for any bus model, for both single axle or multiple axles. 

Stertil-Koni can help you decide which bus lift fits your current or new workshop situation. Take a look at what we have to offer.


Mobile Column Lifts

mobile column lifts
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Optimum access to the underside of the lifted bus
  • Multiple-axle buses can be lifted with ease
  • Adjustable forks are fitted as standard so virtually all wheel diameters can be lifted 

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4-Post Bus Lifts - Platform Lifts

4-Post Bus Lift
  • Platform lengths from 7- 11.5 m for a wide range of buses
  • 12t - 30t capacities
  • Jacking beams available for a wheel-free facility
  • For very long buses in-line tandem configurations are possible
  • Convenient installation flush or surface mounted Get More 4-Post Information


Inground Scissor Lift
  • Freedom of movement for wheel-free maintenance and inspection jobs
  • Multiple-axle buses easily lifted
  • Continuous recess option for clear workshop floor
  • Variety of installation methods for every workshop
  • All wheel bases can be lifted  Get More In-Ground Information

Platform SKYLIFT

Extra Long Run-Ups
  • Ultimate access to the elevated bus
  • Suitable for low clearance buses
  • Platform length from 7m to 14.5 m per lift
  • Articulated buses can be lifted with one SKYLIFT
  • Tandem configurations possible for long buses with multiple axles Get More SKYLIFT Information

Stertil-Koni the ultimate liberty of lifting

For all bus types there is a Stertil-Koni lift available