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Tandem configuration with ST 4120's for NZ Trucks

The Kiwi's have done it again! After the World's first semi-recessed tandem SKYLIFT, SULCO Tools & Equipment have now tapped into the tandem 12t 4-post (ST 4120) market.

The ST 4120 offers the perfect solution to the problem of how to service vehicles with connected truck and trailers.Tandem configuration with ST 4120's

These photos show 2 x 10m ST4120 in tandem servicing truck + trailer combinations at New Zealand Trucks in Palmerston North.

Each ST4120 10m lift is able to lift 12-18t. Therefore, this tandem configuration gives the customer the possibility of lifting vehicles between 24 and 36t.

 4-Post Lift ST 4120 from Stertil-Koni


About this configuration


Stertil-Koni ST4120 4-Post Lift Tandem Configuration:

  • The lifts have on the inside of the platforms the special reverse roll off protection eliminating the need for a bridge piece. This means all axles are supported when the vehicle is lifted 
  • Total length of this configuration is just 23 metre providing optimal access for truck and trailer combinations
  • Low drive-on height of just 245 mm providing easy access for low clearance vehicles
  • The ST 4120 lifts can be operated individually or as a tandem   


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