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Another 25t Stertil-Koni 4-Post Lift For City Of York Council

18/01/24 | 2024

City of York Council based at James Street in York, North Yorkshire have recently updated their vehicle lifting facilities by replacing a tired, old 4-Post lift with a modern, electro-hydraulic 25t, 8m version from market-leaders Stertil-Koni


This new surface-mounted lift is a welcome addition to their existing 25t 4-Post and 5.5t 2-Post Stertil-Koni vehicle lifts purchased back in 2020.

The ST4250-8 stands out not only for its powerful and reliable lifting technology and crossbeam-free design, but also for its very low drive-on height. Whilst simplifying the positioning of low ground clearance vehicles, the ingenious design of the approach ramps enables them to automatically tuck in as the lift rises to create an obstruction-free area around the lifts. Also, the two platforms can be readily adjusted inwards to cater for vehicles with narrower axle widths thereby extending the working range of the lift.

A robust and reliable hydraulic system is electronically controlled on both lift models to ensure smooth lifting and lowering cycles, even in the event of extremely uneven load distribution. Other innovative safety features include impact-resistant LED lights that switch on and off automatically just above floor level supported by an audible warning signal for foot-trap protection.

The patented mechanical locking system works entirely independently of the lifting system and is permanently enabled. The mechanical locking, which is activated by gravity alone, guarantees the highest safety levels alongside an integrated pressure-relief valve that prevents all four lifting columns from becoming overloaded.

Stertil-Koni’s revolutionary ebright Smart Control System allows operation of the lift from a control box attached to one of the posts.  Precise raising and lowering of vehicles is controlled by the patented eBright system which features a user-friendly, full colour, touch-screen panel interface.

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WEBSITE LINK: www.york.gov.uk