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Via East Midlands Install A 25t Stertil-Koni Washbay SKYLIFT

28/11/23 | 2023

Via East Midlands, working in partnership with Nottinghamshire County Council provide fleet services across the County, including comprehensive fleet management, vehicle maintenance, servicing & repair. They are also responsible for the general cleanliness of the fleet and for steam cleaning the vehicles undersides in preparation for MOT testing.

Providing an impressive lifting capacity of 25 tonnes and a platform length of 9m, the heavy-duty SKYLIFT, model number SKY-250, effortlessly handles a range of council vehicles including refuse collection vehicles, street cleansing sweepers, highway maintenance tippers and flat bodied trucks, road surfacing machines and salt spreaders.

Skylift Washbay

Washbay staff use the galvanised SKY 250 in its lowered position to steam clean the vehicle bodies using high pressure wash lances. They then use the lift in its raised position to carry out chassis washes on vehicles as the first part of annual testing procedures and for general preventative maintenance monitoring.

Stertil-Koni’s rugged and adaptable SKYLIFT is a seriously heavy-duty lift that has been developed to offer a unique combination of efficiency, versatility and safety. Whether for working on tractor units or articulated bendi-buses, with available platform lengths from seven up to 14.5 metres, there's a SKYLIFT for most requirements. Even with the longest platform, only two lifting legs are required and each leg has its own measuring device, ensuring smooth and level synchronisation to within 15mm. 

The SKYLIFT is available in three lifting capacity options, 20, 25 and 35 tonnes – and offers a generous lifting height of 1.75 metres, reached in just 89 seconds, to ensure comfortable working conditions for all operators. Also, the compactness of the SKYLIFT simplifies its installation in areas where space may be limited. This is achieved by its modern design which accommodates a space-saving scissor mechanism to provide smooth vertical lifting. To ensure top performance and reliability in chassis washbays and steam cleaning facilities, the SKYLIFT features galvanised platforms and run-ups, stainless steel axle pins, a stainless steel control box plus waterproof fixtures and fittings.

As with all Stertil-Koni products, safety is paramount. The SKYLIFT has an independent mechanical locking system, which is always active - from when the lift is at its lowest level, right up to maximum height. The SKYLIFT'S two lifting legs and its lack of crossbeams or base frame provide unrivalled working space beneath and unobstructed access from all sides of the vehicle. Significantly, all models can be installed either recessed or surface mounted with varying platform lengths to accommodate any vehicle.

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