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Top Choice For TopView Sightseeing: Stertil-Koni Wireless Column Lifts

26/09/23 | 2023

Stertil-Koni have recently installed 2 sets of their innovative 7.5t Wireless Mobile Column Lifts at the new Wimbledon workshops of TopView Sightseeing London. Launched in December of 2016 in New York City and in London in 2023, TopView Sightseeing has carried millions of global tourists to world-famous attractions and are committed to providing the best sightseeing opportunities to help create an unforgettable experience for city visitors.


The Stertil-Koni ST1075FWA wireless mobile column lifts provide a safe lifting capacity of 7.5 tonnes. This means that, when used as a set of four, the combined capacity of the Stertil-Koni lifts is an impressive 30 tonnes. Each column incorporates Stertil-Koni’s revolutionary ebright Smart Control System which allows workshop staff to operate the columns individually, in pairs or in any other combination from any column in the set. Positioning of the wireless columns is also totally flexible, enabling them to be used in any configuration around a vehicle. Crucially, the ebright’s wireless mesh networking system eradicates any possibility of communication problems between individual columns when numerous sets are used in the same building. 

Featuring full-colour touch screen consoles, the ebright Smart Control System has been designed and developed to simplify operation by providing maximum visual information about every lifting operation - all at the fingertips of the workshop technicians. For added safety and performance, the ebright Smart Control System also shows how many columns in the set are being used. 

These heavy-duty lifts are powered by long-life deep cycle batteries which provide optimum performance for at least a week on average before recharging is necessary. Also, battery life is prolonged due to the fact that, unlike a screw-lift, power is only used to raise the vehicle therefore less time is spent recharging the lift which is carried out via a 230v single phase supply. Importantly, with no cables on the workshop floor, the risk of tripping is removed thereby providing valuable health and safety benefits. 

Safety is further enhanced by an independent mechanical locking system, incorporated into each column, which allows technicians to securely lock the lift to prevent a vehicle from being inadvertently lowered.

The absence of power and communication cables means that set-up time is greatly reduced, making the system fully operational much more quickly. Significantly, the lift’s unique synchronisation system ensures a smooth lifting and lowering cycle, even in the event of extremely uneven load distribution. The ST1075FWA provides a maximum lifting height of 1.85 metres which is reached in just 75 seconds thereby making it one of the fastest commercial vehicle lifts available in the market today. 

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