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Guest Truck & Van Install Three 5.5t Lifts From Stertil-Koni

05/09/23 | 2023

Iveco Truck main dealer Guest Truck and Van have recently kitted out a new workshop facility in Wolverhampton, West Midlands, with three heavy-duty 5.5t 2-Post lifts from commercial vehicle lift manufacturer Stertil-Koni.


The 2-post lifts installed in the new workshop are from Stertil-Koni’s FREEDOMLIFT range which features ultra-modern design, unrivalled stability, smooth operation and complete safety with no bulky drive-over baseplate in 5.5t, 7.0t and 9.0t capacities. This ensures suitability for use in almost any environment whilst allowing workshop engineers unrestricted access to raised vehicles during repair, maintenance and servicing tasks. Also, one of the main advantages of the FreedomLift is that engineers achieve an instant wheel-free situation without relying on jacking beams or axle stands. 


The 5500kg capacity lifts offer maximum flexibility due to their innovative double-telescopic arms and hinged elbow joints that ensure the safe lifting of a wide range of personal vehicles and larger commercial vans.

All models in the FREEDOMLIFT range incorporate an automatic arm locking feature that ensures total convenience and safety - with the 7.0t SK2070-22 model special arm-release handles are provided to enable easy positioning of the lifting arms when elevated from the floor and close to pick-up points.

Complete user confidence is assured by a range of safety features including an independent locking system that engages at 210mm above floor level, a gravity-activated locking pawl, automatic locking of the lifting arms, advanced synchronisation between the posts and a fail-safe automatic overload protection system. These devices are complemented by an automatic maximum height limiter, hold-to-run control panel buttons, an emergency stop on the control panel plus special shielding for critical components such as hydraulic lines and electrical cables.

Contact Stertil-Koni on 01604 662049, or email lifts@stertil.co.uk.

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