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Redfern Travel Invest In Another Stertil Koni 4-Post Lift

20/05/22 | 2022

Although Redfern Travel is one of the UK’s most successful coach holiday providers, the company’s busy workshop in Mansfield also relies upon a pair of Stertil Koni heavy-duty 4-post vehicle lifts to service and maintain a growing number of non-coach vehicles.

 "As a hugely successful coach holiday company, we have used Stertil Koni heavy-duty vehicle lifts for a number of years,” says Scott Johnson, Engineering Director. “The installation of the latest ST4250 4-post lifts have provided us with total versatility by providing the option of using the lifts individually or in tandem. Our investment in the new lifts has resulted in growing demand from many different commercial transport and construction businesses. In fact, it’s not unusual for over 100 vehicles to pass through our workshop each week.”


Following the acquisition of a second-hand Stertil Koni 4-post lift, type ST4250, in 2021, Redfern Travel realised the benefits of the lift’s short set-up time compared to their existing mobile lifts. As a result, the company purchased a further, latest-generation version, which Stertil Koni installed to provide the option of using the lifts separately or in tandem. When used independently, each lift provides a safe lifting capacity of 25 tonnes which means that, when used in tandem, the total lifting capacity is an impressive 50 tonnes.
The original 4-post lift incorporates a platform measuring 11 metres long whilst the second unit features a six metres long platform. With the addition of a one metre bridging section, the combined length is an impressive 18 metres which enables workshop technicians to safely carry out operations on a wide range of connected tractor and trailer configurations. Importantly, the unique design of the Stertil Koni ST4250 heavy-duty lifts eliminates the need for crossbeams thereby ensuring unobstructed access to raised vehicles. The lifts also offer a maximum lift height of 1.9 metres which is achieved in just 72 seconds, making the model one of the fastest heavy-duty 4-post vehicle lifts in the world.

Controlling the lift is simple and safe, utilising the well-positioned control panel that can be used to programme a range of functions including lifting heights. Also, a numerical onboard, self-diagnostic programme provides information about the system status at all times. The ST4250 is supplied complete with a full lighting kit and air-operated jacking beams for wheel-free maintenance.

The ST4250 stands out not only for its powerful and reliable lifting technology, but also for its very low drive-on height. Whilst simplifying the positioning of low ground clearance vehicles, the ingenious design of the approach ramps enables them to automatically tuck in as the lift rises to create an obstruction-free area around the lifts. Also, the two platforms can be readily adjusted inwards to cater for vehicles with narrower axle widths thereby extending the working range of the lift.

A robust and reliable hydraulic system is electronically controlled to ensure smooth lifting and lowering cycles, even in the event of extremely uneven load distribution. Other innovative safety features include impact-resistant LED lights that switch on and off automatically just above floor level supported by an audible warning signal for foot-trap protection.

The patented mechanical locking system works entirely independently of the lifting system and is permanently enabled. The mechanical locking, which is activated by gravity alone, guarantees the highest safety levels alongside an integrated pressure-relief valve that prevents all four lifting columns from becoming overloaded.


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