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Stertil Koni Lift Supports Mixed Fleet For Maclean Coaches

26/04/21 | 2021

Following the successful use of a set of Stertil Koni mobile heavy duty vehicle lifts, Maclean Coaches has boosted its workshop capacity with the installation of a seven tonne capacity 4-post lift, type ST4070-LV.

“Our Stertil Koni 4-post lift has really simplified a large number of our vehicle maintenance, servicing and repair operations,” says Ronnie Maclean, owner of Maclean Coaches. “Having used a set of Stertil Koni mobile column lifts for many years, we knew that we were buying a rugged workhorse that would be reliable all day, every day. We also knew that, if we needed advice or service support, it would be available promptly from Stertil Koni’s locally-based specialists.”


Established in 2001, Maclean Coaches is a family-run business offering a comprehensive range of coach and bus services from its headquarters at Auchtertyre in the north west of Scotland. The company’s fleet includes a mix of Mercedes and Volkswagen vehicles to provide a reliable selection of minibuses and shuttle buses.


The Stertil Koni ST4070-LV features an ingenious compact design which, combined with a low drive-on height of 160mm and short drive-on ramps, ensures its suitability for use in workshops where floor space may be limited. This feature is further enhanced by the slim profile of the lift’s lifting columns which ensures maximum accessibility for vehicles of all lengths and widths to meet every user requirement.


4070 4-Post Lift


Total versatility and flexibility is also maximised by the 4-post lift’s 630mm wide platforms which are easily adjustable to suit a wide range of vehicles including minibuses, commercial vans and light freight vehicles fitted with twin rear wheels.

The lift incorporates an adjustable speed lowering valve which ensures safe and controllable lowering of vehicles down to floor level or onto axle stands and transmission jacks. With a maximum lifting height in excess of two metres, the Stertil Koni ST4070-LV also provides a perfect working environment for the tallest workshop technicians.

During development, the Stertil Koni range of 4-post lifts was tested under full load throughout 50,000 lifting cycles. Renowned for excellent reliability, long lifespan and high resale value, all models in the range are designed for intensive and problem-free use.