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Stertil Skylift Chosen Over Pit For Agricultural Workshop

24/04/19 | 2019


“Our Skylift is used every day to handle a wide range of machinery and equipment,” says Hannah Robinson, “Our technicians are really impressed with the lift – in fact, they’re always finding new jobs for it. From servicing and maintaining the largest 405HP tractor in our product range to assembling new agricultural machinery, the Skylift is constantly proving to be invaluable to the operation of our workshop.”

When considering equipment to support its new purpose-built workshop, Brian Robinson Machinery decided to purchase a Stertil Koni heavy duty, surface-mounted Skylift in preference to an excavated inspection pit.

Brian Robinson Machinery was established in 1982 and is widely acknowledged as a prominent local agricultural engineering and machinery dealer for North Yorkshire and the North East. The company provides new and used machinery to a wide range of sectors including agriculture, grounds care, horticulture, forestry and industry.

Initially, Brian Robinson Machinery considered the construction of an inspection pit within the new workshop but, following detailed evaluation, it was decided that a pit would attract a great deal of mud, oil and other debris, including hay and straw - a common problem when dealing with farm machinery. As a result, the company decided to purchase a Stertil Koni heavy duty lift, type SKY 200, to provide the necessary versatility and flexibility. A twin ram, air operated jacking beam was also supplied to further optimise versatility by enabling wheel-free use of the lift.

 Stertil Koni Skylift


Capable of lifting vehicles weighing up to 20 tonnes and designed to be free of cross beams and posts, the SKY 200 ensures unobstructed and easy access to raised vehicles. Featuring state-of-the-art technology, the lift’s electronic control utilises inclinometers to monitor vehicle weight displacement and ensure smooth synchronisation between its four lifting points. Additionally, the ideal width for the setup can be chosen depending on the types of vehicles to be serviced.

Stertil Koni’s rugged and adaptable Skylift range has been designed and developed to offer a unique combination of efficiency, versatility and safety. Whether for working on tractor units or articulated bendi-buses, with available platform lengths from seven up to 14.5 metres, there's a Skylift for most requirements. Even with the longest platform, only two lifting legs are required and each leg has its own measuring device, ensuring smooth and level synchronisation to within 15mm. This is aided by the Skylift’s vertical lifting and lowering movement which, unlike a parallelogram lift, means there are no obtrusive overhangs. Easily installed, moved and maintained, the Skylift is the ultimate lift in terms of efficiency, versatility and safety.

Three options for lifting capacity, 20, 25 and 35 tonnes – increase the range of specifications available and the generous lifting height of 1.75 metres (reached in just 89 seconds) offers comfortable working conditions for operators. Perhaps the most significant feature of the Skylift, though, is its ability to fit into narrow bays thereby enabling workshops to optimise their usable space.

The Skylift can also be used in tandem, linking two lifts in a line to provide a total maximum lifting capacity of up to 70 tonnes. The user can operate the two lifts as a synchronised pair or operate both lifts independently. This is especially necessary when lifting articulated vehicles, trucks and semi-trailers or vehicles with an uneven weight distribution, such as a truck and crane combination. Importantly, an independent mechanical locking mechanism is always active to ensure total operator safety.

Brian Robinson Machinery’s SKY 200 was supplied by CCS, a leading garage equipment specialist and approved Stertil Koni distributor based in Leigh, Greater Manchester.


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