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First Bus Specifies Stertil Koni For Washbay Upgrade

12/11/19 | 2019

When deciding upon a wash bay lift to replace an ageing model from Stertil Koni at its Port Talbot depot, First Cymru had no hesitation in opting for a latest generation lift from the same manufacturer. The original lift had worked so reliably for many years in a demanding application that Stertil Koni was commissioned to supply a new model from its Skylift range.

“The new Skylift 200 replaced our existing Stertil Koni wash bay lift which served us well for many years,” says Keith Davies, Area Engineering Manager in East Wales for First Cymru. “In fact, we have a number of Stertil Koni lifts in our workshop and we know them to be hardworking and reliable. Now, with the installation of the new wash bay lift, the 92 vehicles operating from our depot are not only perfectly prepared for MOT testing and inspections but also continue to look smart out on the road.”



First Cymru operates approximately 200 bus services in the South Wales area utilising its mixed fleet of single and double deck vehicles. In addition to regular journeys between villages, towns and cities, the company also operates a bus rapid Clipper brand and a frequent X10 service that links Swansea and Cardiff.


The Stertil Koni Skylift 200 provides a safe lifting capacity of 20 tonnes and is the ultimate heavy-duty lift in terms of efficiency, versatility and safety. Installed within the Port Talbot depot’s outdoor wash bay, the Skylift ensures unobstructed access to the underside of vehicles during regular vehicle body and chassis cleaning operations. For this application, the Skylift is constructed from galvanised steel for maximum strength plus resistance to water and degreasing solutions. Importantly, the Skylift incorporates an electronically controlled hydraulic system which uses inclinometers to monitor vehicle weight displacement and provide smooth synchronisation between its four lifting points.


Washbay Skylift


Featuring an eight metre platform to safely accommodate all vehicles in the First Cymru fleet, the narrow width of the surface-mounted Skylift 200 ensures maximum utilisation of available space.

Stertil Koni also installed the lift complete with extra long run-ups to enable trouble-free movement of low-floor buses.

In common with all Stertil Koni products, safety is paramount and the Skylift features an independent mechanical locking system that is always active, from when the lift is at its lowest level to when it reaches maximum height.

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