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Scarborough Council Invests In New Washbay Lift

02/06/17 | 2017

Stertil Koni has supplied a Skylift, type SKY200WB, to speed up and simplify wash bay operations for Scarborough Council.

Installed at the Council’s Dean Road Depot in Scarborough, the 20 tonne capacity Skylift is used within a dedicated vehicle washing station located in the depot’s main yard. The Council’s drivers are responsible for operating the Skylift to simplify the washing of their vehicles which include refuse collection trucks, mechanical road sweepers and cage vehicles. Using a push button control console located alongside the Skylift, drivers are easily able to ensure precise and safe positioning of vehicles at all stages of the washing operation.

 Skylift Washbay


The Skylift has been designed as a revolutionary, space-saving vertical platform lift and the wash bay model features anti-corrosion, hot-dipped galvanised steel platforms and run-ups, stainless steel axle pins plus waterproof fixtures and fittings. This specification ensures a long and reliable working life in chassis wash bays and steam cleaning facilities.

Incorporating a scissor-type lifting mechanism, the Skylift is the ultimate heavy-duty lift offering unrivalled efficiency, versatility and safety. With no base frame, no crossbeams and a single lifting leg at each end of the platform, the Skylift provides unobstructed access from all sides at its maximum lifting height of 1.75 metres. Also, the Skylift has been awarded a European patent for its innovative design which includes a unique Y-shaped construction that supports the lift’s base plates thereby ensuring that load forces are distributed as effectively as possible.

As with all Stertil Koni products, safety is paramount. The Skylift has an independent mechanical locking system that is always active, from when the lift is at its lowest level to when it reaches maximum height. Each leg also has its own individual measuring device, ensuring smooth and level synchronisation to within 15mm.

“Our existing wash bay lift had come to the end of its working life so we investigated various replacements,” says Harry Briggs, Manager of the Dean Road Depot. “We contacted a number of Stertil Koni customers who spoke highly of their vehicle lifts especially in terms of performance and reliability. On that basis, and a competitive price, we were more than pleased to specify the Skylift"

Website Link: www.scarborough.gov.uk