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Stertil Koni Washbay Installation for WH Malcolm

18/05/17 | 2017

Stertil Koni, the UK’s leading supplier of heavy duty vehicle lifting equipment, has installed a customised 35 tonne capacity SKYLIFT to support washbay operations for WH Malcolm.

The SKY350 has been installed onto a sloping slipway within the quayside of a former shipyard located on the River Clyde in Glasgow. In order to safely accommodate the gradient of the slipway, Stertil Koni engineers devised an ingenious solution which involved recessing the drive-on end of the lift to a depth of 350mm. In addition, the front end of the lift is built up onto 350mm concrete pads with the result that the lift is completely level and, when fully extended, the front of the lift is over 2.5 metres high.

Incorporating an innovative and robust design that makes the SKYLIFT ideal for customising, the SKY350 was specified complete with a platform length of 14.5 metres to safely accommodate the wide range of vehicles in the WH Malcolm fleet. The platforms are fully hot-dip galvanised and all lift supports benefit from an extremely resistant coating to provide reliable protection against moisture and debris. Finally, an adjacent lockable stainless steel control console ensures simple push button raising and lowering of the lift by washbay operatives.

“This installation for WH Malcolm perfectly illustrates the flexibility and versatility of our SKYLIFT,” says Tony Edge, Stertil Koni’s General Manager. “Located on the quayside overlooking the River Clyde, the washbay is used to maintain the condition and appearance of many different vehicle types. By ensuring maximum access to the underside of raised vehicles, our SKYLIFT enables washbay staff to complete their tasks swiftly and in complete safety.”

Website Link: www.malcolmgroup.co.uk