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Stertil Koni replaces vehicle lifts damaged in storm

05/04/16 | 2016

Stertil Koni, the UK’s leading vehicle lift specialist, has supplied four sets of lifts to RT Williams to replace models that were damaged when the company’s workshop roof was virtually destroyed during a devastating storm.


Based in Merthyr Tydfil, RT Williams offers a wide variety of services for commercial vehicles throughout Wales including servicing, repair, MOT testing and a 24 hour recovery service. The company handles almost every type of vehicle, including PSVs, HGVs, trucks, vans and taxis, and has relied upon a range of Stertil Koni lifts to support its operations for many years. “We’ve worked the lifts hard and they’ve given us excellent trouble-free operation,” says Lyn Williams. “So I had no hesitation in ordering Stertil lifts to replace the ones that were damaged during the storm.”


The replacement lifts include two sets of ST4120 4-post lifts, a set of ST4125 4-post lifts and a Sky 200 Recessed model. Offering respective safe lifting capacities of 12 and 12.5 tonnes, the ST4120 and ST4125 models are heavy duty lifts featuring electro-hydraulic lifting systems. Various platform lengths are available - 4.5m, 6.2m and 8m - and the space between the platforms is adjustable from 800mm up to 1650mm. This flexibility makes them ideal for use in workshops that deal with a range of heavy duty vehicles, including narrow tracked fork trucks. Driven rams are located at the four corner posts and all are electronically synchronised ensuring safe and smooth operation. Importantly, the free-standing control box can be positioned at the most convenient post for every installation.

4-Post Lift ST4120 12t with a truck


Allowing perfect access to vehicles, the 20 tonne capacity SKY 200 Recessed model is free from cross beams, allowing unrestricted access to raised vehicles, and features a drive-on height of just 350mm. Depending on user requirements, the lift may be specified with a platform length between seven and 14.5 metres. Even with the longest platform, only two lifting legs are required and each leg incorporates its own measuring device, ensuring smooth and level synchronisation to within 15mm. The Sky 200 is electronically controlled from a well-positioned control panel to ensure ease of use and safety for workshop technicians. One popular feature of this model is its streamlined design that allows installation into narrow bays thereby enabling workshops to optimise their usable space.


“The severity of the storm caused a great deal of damage and, understandably, dealt a considerable blow to RT Williams,” says Tony Edge, Stertil Koni’s general manager. “However, we are well geared up to respond to this kind of situation and were pleased to install replacement lifts within a matter of weeks.”

Website Link: www.rt-williams.co.uk