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Stertil Koni lifts support restoration of classic jaguars

31/03/16 | 2016

Classic Motor Cars, arguably the world’s leading restorer of classic Jaguar cars, relies upon Stertil Koni 2-post lifts to support operations within its modern industrial premises at Bridgnorth, Shropshire.

Established in 1993, Classic Motor Cars is staffed by a highly experienced team of engineers and technicians. The company’s site comprises 40,000 sq ft of workshop space plus a further 20,000 sq ft used for bespoke classic car storage. These facilities enable the company to provide its international clientele with a range of services that includes maintenance and servicing, performance and handling upgrades, complete restorations plus bespoke car design and manufacture. To ensure that this work is undertaken efficiently and safely, Classic Motor Cars utilises three sets of Stertil Koni 2-post lifts, type SK2030.



With its baseless design, folded steel columns and the asymmetric positioning of the double-telescopic lifting arms, the SK2030 provides workshop technicians unrestricted access to the underside of raised vehicles. Providing a safe lifting capacity of 3,000kg and featuring a low pick-up height of just 90mm, the SK2030 is ideal for lifting a range of vehicles from sports cars to light commercial vans. Simple operation of each lift is achieved using a push button control panel mounted on one of the lifting columns. Using these buttons, workshop technicians can raise the lifts to a maximum height of 2.02 metres in only 25 seconds. 

The Stertil Koni SK2030 has been designed to incorporate a rugged hydraulic system featuring a minimum of moving parts to ensure a long working life. Additionally, the lift’s synthetic running wheels are self-lubricating, therefore requiring no maintenance, and are covered by a lifetime guarantee. Specially-designed base plates provide high stability whilst robust heavy duty columns ensure exceptional strength and rigidity. The high performance SK2030 also incorporates automatic protection against overloading via an automatic locking system that operates independently of the lifting system. 

In addition to the SK2030 lifts, Stertil Koni also supplied a 4,000kg capacity, 4-post wheel alignment lift and a 2,000kg jacking beam. 

“We were so pleased with the performance and reliability of our first SK2030 2-post lift that we had no hesitation in ordering another two sets,” says Nicholas Goldthorp, Managing Director of Classic Motor Cars. “Alongside our extensive work on classic Jaguars, we also provide services for Bentley, Ferrari and Aston Martin plus many other prestigious vehicles. The Stertil Koni lifts give us the versatility and flexibility we need to ensure that we continue to provide unrivalled service to our discerning customers.”