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Stertil Koni Lifts For Glasgow City Council

05/04/16 | 2016

Stertil Koni secured a contract to supply vehicle lifting equipment to Glasgow City Council by offering a unique combination of price, performance and fast installation.


In a move that will improve facilities and save millions of pounds, Glasgow City Council recently relocated its vehicle maintenance workshop to a new location in Polmadie. The workshop is responsible for the servicing, maintenance and repair of the Council’s fleet of vehicles which comprises many different vehicles including vans, school buses, road sweepers and refuse collection lorries. To ensure that all workshop operations are carried out effectively and safely, the Council issued an Open Tender and, following due consideration, specified electro-hydraulic vehicle lifting equipment from Stertil Koni.


The installed equipment includes six SK2055, 2-post lifts. Providing a lifting capacity of 5.5 tonnes, this model features two hydraulic cylinders supported by an electronically-controlled synchronisation system. Also, the
height of the SK2055 is easily programmable which allows the lift to be configured to suit any workshop or fleet mix. With the ability to achieve a maximum lifting height of more than two metres in just 32 seconds, the lift contributes greatly to vehicle turnaround and productivity. Another important feature of the SK2055 is a pair of telescopic lifting arms which simplify the handling of a wide range of vehicles from small vans to very long vehicles. Specially designed posts and footplates ensure excellent strength and stability which allow the lifts to be positioned on almost any workshop floor without the need for modification. 


Supporting the Stertil Koni 2-post lifts, is an installation of three 12 tonne capacity 4-post lifts, type ST4120. These models are ideal for lifting all kinds of heavy duty vehicles and are simply controlled by a push-button 4 post platform liftcontrol box which can be mounted on the most convenient column for easy access by workshop personnel. Glasgow City Council specified the ST4120 lifts complete with eight metre long platforms which, depending on the vehicle to be raised, may be adjusted to achieve any axle width from 800mm to 1650mm. The maximum lifting height of 1.88m is reached in an impressive 90 seconds and the micro-processor controlled synchronisation system means smooth lifting and lowering of vehicles – particularly important where there is uneven load distribution.


“As well as performance and price, we also had to meet a demanding timescale to secure the contract,” says Tony Edge, Stertil Koni’s general manager. “We faced a very tight deadline to manufacture, deliver and install the vehicle lifts. However, we’re geared up to respond positively to such challenges and all stages of the project were completed exactly as scheduled.”

Website Link: www.glasgow.gov.uk