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Stertil Koni introduces Heavy Duty 2-Post range - The FREEDOMLIFT

05/04/16 | 2016

Stertil Koni, the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of vehicle lifts, has launched the FreedomLift range of heavy duty 2-post lifts.


The new FreedomLift has been conceived as the perfect solution for lifting a wide variety of vehicles from commercial vans to small, heavy duty trucks. Comprising three standard models, the range offers lifting capacities from 5.5 to 9 tonnes. Each model incorporates a pair of telescopic lifting arms which are easily adjusted, locked and unlocked as required. Also, depending on the needs of the user, a number of options are available including double telescopic arms for extra flexibility, additional control boxes, LED lighting and special vehicle adapters.


The FreedomLift’s ultra-modern design has resulted in an exceptionally stable 2-post lift that operates smoothly and safely with no bulky base or overhead cross-bar. This ensures suitability for use in almost any environment whilst allowing engineers unrestricted access to raised vehicles during repair, maintenance and servicing tasks. Also, one of the main advantages of the 2-post lift over 4-post alternatives and mobile column lifts is that users achieve an instant wheel-free situation without relying on jacking beams or axle stands. Furthermore, the FreedomLift’s compact footprint contributes to maximum utilisation of available space in busy workshops.


2 post liftComplete user confidence is assured by a range of safety features including an independent locking system that engages at 210mm above floor level, a gravity-activated locking pawl, automatic locking of the lifting arms, advanced synchronisation between the posts and a fail-safe automatic overload protection system. These devices are complemented by an automatic maximum height limiter, hold-to-run control panel buttons, an emergency stop on the control panel plus special shielding for critical components such as hydraulic lines and electrical cables.


The FreedomLift’s hydraulic system has a minimum of moving parts and has been tested with more than 20,000 lifting and lowering cycles at maximum lifting capacity. All models are CE certified and covered by Stertil Koni’s comprehensive 12 months parts and labour guarantee.


“Our innovative FreedomLift range sets new standards in flexibility, reliability and safety,” says Stertil Koni’s General Manager, Tony Edge. “Early indications from the UK market suggest that these lifts will be particularly valuable to those workshops that handle many different types of vehicle and, importantly, where maximum space utilisation is critical.”