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Scania Sheffield Purchases Stertil Koni Column Lifts

04/05/16 | 2016

Stertil Koni, the UK’s leading manufacturer of commercial vehicle lifts, has supplied eBright mobile column lifts to support two different operations for Scania Sheffield.


As an important member of the Scania (Great Britain) network, Scania Sheffield provides a comprehensive range of operations including a 24 hour emergency breakdown service, accident repairs, roller brake testing, extensive parts supply, trailer servicing and vehicle rental. The company uses one set of ST1075FWF eBright mobile column lifts within its general workshop whilst the other set is used to simplify and speed up operations within its body shop.


At the Sheffield site, the Stertil Koni lifts are used to lift a range of different vehicles including Scania Tipper 8-wheelers, Scania 3-axle trucks and 2-axle coaches. The mobile column lifts are in use throughout a daily 6.00am to 10.00pm shift and, on average, support workshop and body shop activities involving five vehicles each day.


Providing maximum access to the underside of raised vehicles, the 7500kg rated Stertil Koni ST1075FWF wireless mobile column lifts are used as a set of four to provide a total lifting capacity of 30 tonnes. A control box is conveniently mounted on each column to enable operation from any column and a workshop engineer may choose to operate the columns individually, in pairs or all at once.


Featuring full-colour touch screen control consoles, the eBright smart control system has been designed and developed to simplify operation of the Stertil Koni range of wireless mobile column lifts. The eBright system provides intuitive ease of use with maximum visual information about every lifting operation – all at the fingertips of the technician.


7.5t Mobile ColumnLiftFor added safety and performance, the eBright Smart Control System also shows how many columns in the set are being used, the battery status of each column and when the mechanical locks are engaged. Also, the absence of power or interconnecting cables trailing across the workshop floor offers maximum safety benefits to the operator by eliminating possible trip hazards.

Each of the mobile columns is equipped with two long-life deep cycle batteries which, when fully charged, will power the fully-laden column for more than 30 lifting cycles - easily a full week’s use. Battery life isprolonged due to the fact that, unlike a screw-lift, power is only used toraisethe vehicle therefore less time is spent recharging the lift, which is carried out via a 230v single phase supply.


Paul Digby, General Manager at Scania Sheffield is very pleased with the Stertil Koni ST1075FWF eBright mobile column lifts. He says, “We decided to purchase the lifts based on their build quality and durability. We also welcome the fact that there are no cables to cause problems on the workshop floors and the price was also very competitive.”

Website Link: www.scania.com